The Two Worlds

Story begins here:

This story takes place in a Middle Earth where the White Council has taken it upon themselves to unite the races under one banner. These events are not included in the story, however they do impact the character’s lives so I have given a quick run down of what I see happened.

For centuries wars and conflicts had raged both between, and within, the races. Mistrust and untruths spread relentlessly, which did nothing to quell the tension.

Twenty years prior to the story, the White Council made their first move in their quest to unify the land.

The Council, consisting of representatives of all races, decided the best thing to do would be to remove all political borders between the races and combine the races. Once all the peoples were united, the Council in their infinite wisdom decreed, there would be no more conflict.

The first part of the plan was the removal of all titles of position from the various races and to declare the Council as the unchallenged leaders of Middle Earth. No more would there be Lords, Ladies or Kings. All titles were removed, and all properties and possessions previously held in the name of these titles were confiscated and held in the name of the Council.

To ease the transition for the people affected by the initial stages of unification, the families were given twenty years to finalise their affairs and, where needed, to move out. Oropher was the ageing king of Mirkwood at the time, and losing everything he had worked for was too much and he died of a heart attack within a year. After the death of his wife, Thranduil moved himself and Legolas out of Mirkwood earlier than required to escape the memories of her.

Although this is a modern AU, elves are still elves (tall, long-haired, pointy ears), dwarves are still dwarves (short, squat) etc. Orcs are still the bad guys although they are not misshapen monsters. There is no immortality for the elves and all the races age at the same rate.

First Stage-20Oropher King / Thranduil Prince
-19Oropher's Death
-17Legolas' Birth
Chapter 2 Flashback-7Legolas 10. Bain 7, Sigrid 6, Tilda 1
Move-6Legolas 11
-4 or -3Thranduil & Bard meet
Transition Out-2Engagement
Main Story0Legolas 17, Bain 14, Sigrid 13, Tilda 8
Epilogue+6 monthsLegolas turns 18
Featured Pairings
  • Legolas/Aragorn
  • Thranduil/Bard
  • Thranduil/Amdirwen
Mentioned Pairings
  • Elrond/Celebrían
  • Non-con

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